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Sunday, October 04, 2015


Iím bidding for the cleaning of a restaurant - 6500 sq. ft. - 7 days a week. It is mostly vacuuming the dining rooms, cleaning 4 restrooms and the kitchen. They want to have the kitchen rubber mats removed from the kitchen and sprayed down every night. Thereíre about 12 of those. Then, sweep and mop kitchen. Iím kind of unaware of how much to bid especially when it comes to the removal of all the rubber mats. Could anybody give me some words of wisdom?


It might take 3-4 hours for the regular cleaning and another hour just to clean the mats. So, if your hourly rate was $18 an hour, that would run $72 a day or $2,200 a month minimum. To pinpoint your bid rate, you could use ISSA cleaning times to calculate your nightly labor. Next, you need to know your costs and expenses and arrive at an hourly bid rate. Bidding software can also be helpful as well as programs that help to zero in on the correct bid price.
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