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Thursday, October 08, 2015


What is the best way to develop a system for a cleaning company that will allow the company to run perfectly when the owner is not there?


Answer # 1:
It is unlikely a service company will run perfectly while the owner is absent. For it to run smoothly takes a lot of effort. The success of a self-running business is determined by the skill level, dedication, motivation, and innovation of self-directed work teams.
You will need superior operational systems to ensure attendance (including backup teams), continuing education and training (to ensure standards compliance), rigid quality control (including self-inspections), unsurpassed customer service (solving all types of issues and complaints), material and labor logistics, regular supervision plus a good dose of creativity and motivation.
As an owner you will want to maintain control of the financials (or partially delegate to a CPA) and plan to visit the work sites on a periodic basis. Iíve run operations several hundred miles away and the worker/supervisor temptation to fudge on work hours and QC standards was too often apparent.
Absence of customer contact by phone and periodic visits in person is viewed by many accounts as disinterested absentee ownership. Your other option is to hire an area manager for about $50K and secure a solid non-compete agreement.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112

Answer # 2:
Youíre dreaming. It's not going to happen. Not that you can't set up systems to operate your business efficiently and you should begin this process from day one. At the same time, service businesses are a hands on proposition. If you want it to run right, you'll have to keep a close eye on it or the chances are good it will fall apart quickly. No one will care about your business interests like you do and your customers will expect to see you on regular basis. If your goal is to develope a business that will operate itself, you probably don't belong in business for yourself. Everyone I know who neglected thier business in no longer in business.
Bill Griffin, President