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Saturday, November 28, 2015


I recently purchased new carpet. I had a Galileo thermometer that broke on the carpet. It smells like a solvent and feels oily. What is the best way to get the residue off the carpet? Should I patch the carpet or is there something that will remove the residue?


A chemical treatment is always worth a try. First, apply a solvent gel formulated for grease, oil, lipstick, tar, etc. Gently work this into the fiber. Normally, the thermometer holding tube contains water and a petroleum distillate to float the bubbles.
After adequate contact time, flush and rinse the solvent. If a colored glass bubble has broken, then you have another challenge. Use a red dye heat transfer process to remove the food color dye and alcohol found in the glass bubbles. Red is often easier to remove than blue or green.
You may need to finish off by applying an all purpose carpet spotter and then rinsing. Don't over-agitate the fibers or damage may occur. Step on a white terry cloth towel to help blot and dry the area. If the results are not what you wanted, then sectioning out the damaged area (removal) and applying a bonded insert (carpet patch) is your last resort.
Gary Clipperton
(719) 598-5112