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Friday, November 27, 2015


I have an opportunity to give an estimate to clean 5250 square feet of commercial carpet in a day care center. This includes removal of tables, chairs, lockers, and toys. The occupants total 75 boys and 18 personnel. The work is scheduled for a week of during vacation. Methods and precautions are my choice. What price and how many hours should I use to calculate a price. I live in Northern New Jersey.


Moving the furniture can take an additional 30% in labor so be prepared for this job to take longer than most. Depending upon the color of the carpet, the soil load, and density of furniture, most competitive bids would range from 17-25 cents a square foot. The reason is that some daycares will have you back every 90 days. So a high repeat business qualifies for a definite discount.
You will want to pre-spray with an enzyme pre-conditioner and then extract, and possibly finish with a deodorizing treatment. The infant area often contains urine spots. Once you have dampened the carpet, the urine is activated. Be prepared to return in a couple of days and deodorize again. Use an air handler to speed the drying. This will also reduce wicking of urine from the floor. Make sure the HVAC system is set to maximum drying, and be careful about moving furniture back too soon. This could leave rust or wood stains on the carpet.
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