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Thursday, November 26, 2015


What do you use to eliminate freezing in a truck mount carpet van?


Answer #1:
It is best to keep the vehicle in a heated garage or, if the van is insulated, place a heater in the vehicle to keep it above freezing. You can also run anti-freeze into the water intake system of the truck mount. Talk to the truckmount manufacturer or check their operating manual to find out how you prepare your model machine in this manner.
Dane Gregory
3 D Consultants

Answer #2:
Here are some suggestions for frigid daytime on-the-job protection:
- Leave your van running with the heater on high, initially at each job.
- Transport the solution hose inside the facility or home to keep it warm until you are ready to start cleaning. If needed, run the solution hose inside of a spare vacuum hose to protect from freezing. Never leave wands and sprayers outside as they can freeze in just a few minutes.
- Get your fresh water supply hooked up and the water moving. Make sure you have sink adapters as most outside faucets will be frozen or under snow.
- You can install thick black foam insulation made for water pipes over the feed line or at least in the places where it would touch frozen surfaces.
- Immediately run hot or warm water through the hoses and try to keep the flow going. Better yet, install a water supply tank in your van. Once you are set up, start your truck-mount, close all doors possible, and shut off the van engine.
- Preplan the entire job so solution is always running thru the water supply and solution hoses.
- When finished, reverse the process. Start the van and disconnect the quick disconnect (QD) from the truck and insert a spare (unattached) mating QD into it. Then disconnect the QD at the wand and do the same thing.
- Elevate the hose as you walk back toward the truck. This will drain the hose so it poses no threats of future freezing until you arrive at the next job.
- Empty the wand by attaching the mating QD to the wand and squeezing the trigger. Or, depress the male disconnect with a wrench while draining the water from the wand. When you hook up at the next job it only takes half a minute for the unit to purge the air and begin delivering heated solution.
Don't rule out the possibility of rescheduling a job when arctic
temperatures pose a serious threat to your investment. No homeowner wants house doors standing open in freezing weather.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112