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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


How does your company deal with feminine hygiene issues?


Assuming that you are referring to the provision of and or disposal of feminine sanitary products and not to women who donít bathe often enough, I can only speak from personal experience. In our contracts we offer to supply such products at a slight markup, but we do not service or repair the machines or handle the cash. As for disposal of used products, the most common approach is to bag and dispose of these items with other restroom trash. Use a Quat to clean the inside and outside of receptacles daily to control bacteria, soil and odor. Basic safety instructions need to be given to those handling such waste. Avoid touching the waste by wearing gloves, and using disposable liners in the receptacles. Washing hands and using sanitizing jell frequently when doing any type of cleaining and especially when servicing rest rooms is always a good precaution. Common sense and alertness to potential infection will reduce any risk involved.
The last I knew, even OSHA did not address this issue in its Blood Borne Pathogen Precaution materials, although it clearly is a blood and body fluid of concern.
We discovered that providing dispensing machines that are up-to-date for current products and that are equipped to collect the necessary coinage to pay for the product was a challenge. Old, out-of-date, previously installed machines abound. There are also a multitude of product choices and what users want to purchase is often unknown.
Iím sure others do get into dispensing these products, but have found it best to stay out of this service. If you wish to pursue that avenue, contact your paper product supplier for his advice on product and dispenser costs.
Lynn E. Krafft, Associate Editor for ICAN/ATEX