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Saturday, October 10, 2015


How can I remove yellow chalk dust from the carpet below the chalk board? This build up is over quite a few years and does not come out with regular cleaning.


Answer # 1:
Colored chalk is challenging but cleanable. However, merely adding a weak solution to the extractor and immediately making repeated passes is ineffective.
Always begin with intensive and repeated vacuum passes with a beater bar unit. Next, mix your extraction cleaner at a strong concentration in a pump-up sprayer and apply it liberally to the soiled area. After 5-10 minutes of contact time, apply agitation with a brush, the sole of a tennis shoe, extractor power head brush, shampooer, or bonnet.
Add 1 cup of acidic rinse for each 5 gallons of rinse water in the extractor tank and make slow passes across the soiled area. The chalk should disappear.
Three common causes for failure are: not enough concentration of the cleaner, inadequate dwell time, and insufficient agitation.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112

Answer # 2:
Remove as much of the chalk dust as possible with dry processes before the actual cleaning begins. A beater brush type upright is ok but a pile lifter vacuum is far more effective at getting the deep down dust that builds up over time and lifts the pile. After vacuuming try air pressure and a microfiber cloth. These same processes work on toner, potting soil and other fine particulate type spots. Lastly clean with an absorbent powder carpet cleaning process (Host or Capture, etc). The less moisture you use on fine particulate type spot, the better your success will be.
Bill Griffin, President