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Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have never seen an article on how to properly maintain cork tile flooring. The majority of the flooring inside our headquarters is "Wicanders” cork flooring.


The best source of information is always the manufacturer. Check for the exact product and any specific recommendations they may have for it.
Beyond that, cork flooring is treated much like wood. Avoid high or low pH chemicals, do as much grit prevention as possible (matting), and dust mop or vacuum frequently. Mop with a well pressed-out micro fiber mop. As for restoration or refinishing, it depends what has been used as a finish coat. Some manufacturers use urethanes, others use acrylics. You could probably use Taski's spray polish buff system to restore the shine or polish it dry without a problem, but look at Wicanders’ instructions.
Be careful with the burnishing, especially if the layer of cork is less than 1/8 inch thick. Most cork floors can be sanded or screened for complete restoration, if needed. It just depends on the how thick the layer of cork is.
Bill Griffin, President