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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I am bidding a 31,672 sq.ft. movie theater with 10 theater rooms. There are 4 bathrooms with a total of 40 fixtures. 14 trash cans. It is to be done 7 days a week. Lobby: Non-waxable - 5,670 sq.ft. - sweeping, mopping, clean entry glass, empty trash Video Game Area: Non-waxable - 252sq. ft. - sweeping, mopping Theater Rooms - Non-waxable - 19,462sq.ft. - sweeping, mopping, wipe down arm rests Hallways- Carpet - 5,328sq.ft. - vacuum, empty trash Estimated Man Hours/day = 16.3 2-3 Cleaning Staff Based on my calculations at a 2% profit= $6353.16 Does this price seem fair? and are there any suggestions on how long this should take based on the total sq. ft.?


It may be, but I don't know what you are paying per man-hour or your labor burden or your supply costs or your overhead or your supervision costs. Without that information, no sound decision can be made about fairness to you or the theater manager.
From what I have, you are projecting $127 profit, leaving $6226 to cover all the cleaning related expenses. Averaging 30.4 days a month, you are proposing to cover this 495.5 hour job by charging $12.57 per man-hour for your custodial services. If your numbers are accurate, this project is coming close to break-even, because your labor and related costs must total close to this. $10 per hour with a 20% burden will come to $12 per hour. The $.57 per hour over that time, would amount to $282 for the month.
My opinion, and it is just that, is that with this little cash flow from this job, you would be better off doing something less demanding of time and people for more money.
Or, charge more per man-hour and bring up the income level to do more than just cover labor.
If I missed anything, please, someone enlighten both of us.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor