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Saturday, November 28, 2015


I do construction cleaning all over the metro area. I used to subcontract for a company; now I am starting to get jobs of my own. My question is, what should I charge for a construction cleaning, in this case, on a newly constructed home? Most times, it is done in stages, starting with a rough cleaning, followed by often several touch-ups, and a final clean. Sometimes the final is followed by a touch-up depending on the contractor's need. Should I charge by the sq.ft. or do a contract? In either, what is the going rate in my area?


The “going rate” doesn’t matter. What matters is that the rate you set pays your costs and gives you a profit.
You write that you have been doing this work as a sub-contractor. What have you been charging them? For what services? How long does each stage take you? For how much area?
Get some numbers together, your numbers, and figure your sq.ft. costs. Apply your labor rates along with the other business costs and your desired supervision return. Add some profit. Remember to set some numbers on touch-ups due to call-backs for messes made after your “final” cleaning.
This will give you a basis for preparing either a sq. ft. cost proposal or a flat rate contract, whichever you choose to use.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor