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Thursday, October 08, 2015


How much should I charge to clean a 14,000 sq. ft. house? How many employees will I need? What is the breakdown on hours needed, etc.


The quick answer to all your questions is, I don't know!
All hinges on how fast you can clean, and that depends on the conditions within the structure, your equipment and experience, and other factors of which I know nothing!
If you can clean at a rate of 3500 sq. ft. per hour, you will need 4 hours to do the work. You can use one person for that time or use two and have the job done in 2 hours. Either way it needs 4 man-hours at that rate.
If you pay $9 an hour, your cost for labor (20% labor burden) will be about $44 for the 4 hour session. You need to charge more than that to cover insurance, supplies, supervision, overhead and allow some profit. This may almost triple your charge, going to $132 per session.
You need to come up with the numbers that make sense for your operation. I suspect a house this large will be kept in pristine condition and your time will be reduced, but I can't be sure even of that.

Lynn. E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor