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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


In construction cleaning, what is the estimated square footage one person can clean doing a rough cleaning and final cleaning? And what is the going price for construction cleaning of 13,000 sq. ft versus 80,000? Can you please help?


I wish I could help, but I can't. I'm sure we can find a number to toss out to you, but whether it is meaningful for your operation is another matter.
So, I'm going to recommend that you do some timing of your own people in a similar situation and put together some numbers that reflect your experience, tools, ability, management, and employees.
Anything else will be misleading even if it is not intended to be so.
All construction sites are different, and sometimes greatly so. Some will be left broom clean when you get there, and some will be littered and loaded with debris.
Some will cover everything carefully and even mask surfaces when they paint, and others will spray everything within reach. You will be scraping glass forever.
I've seen carpeting installed prematurely and it had to be renovated. Other will cover it with plastic and it will be pristine.
In other words, you never know what your start condition will be and that determines your time more than anything else.
As far as price breaks on larger sq. ft. structures, my personal opinion is to not offer any. The 10th floor could be a greater mess than the first and how will you gain any advantage of scale in that setting?
All of your pricing depends on what must be done and how long it takes to do it. You must run some numbers yourself for any answer to be even close to truthful.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor