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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


What would you charge to clean an 8200 sq. foot doctor's office, 5 days per week and two Saturdays per month?


Without seeing the office and doing a written survey of the rooms and floor coverings, I can't even guess at what I would charge.
You need to start by doing the survey.
Next, figure your performance rates to do each task in each area. Add everything up and come to a production rate for this structure. This will be something such as 2000 sq. ft. per man-hour, to use an example.
Following that, you can see that each time you clean you will need to spend 4.1 man-hours. Using 4 hrs. as your number, multiply by 5 to get the weekly time, 20 hours. Times 52=1040 hrs/ year. 2 Sats.x 12 = 24 x 4=96 hrs on weekends.
Total yearly time 1136 man hours.
From past experience or calculation, you need an hourly figure that your business needs in order to pay all the labor and other costs. Let's pick a number, what about $32/man-hour?
Now you multiply $32 x 1136 and you need to charge $36,352 for the year or $3030 per month.
Now, that was a GUESS at what you need to spend for time and what your rates need to be. You can cut the time, you can charge less per hour by paying less to your workers, or by reducing your take home, or your supervisor's fee, or using second hand equipment.
No matter how you do this, you need for it to work with your operation, not mine. Plus, you're not even close by.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN /ATEX Editor