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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I just placed an order for a propane high speed burnisher. I was wondering if the price that you charge for burnishing the floor with the propane burnisher is the same as you would charge with a regular electric high speed burnisher. Could you give me a ball park on how much the price per sq. ft. would be for each individual machine?


Depending upon the size of the electric burnisher you have been using and the size of the new propane unit, you will likely cut your run time in half. ISSA has a booklet with 540 cleaning times that will help pinpoint exact production rates for each size machine. In regards to operational expenses, your cost to maintain a propane unit is dramatically higher than an electric burnisher. Not only do you have machine maintenance, air and fuel filter replacement, oil changes, and propane costs, but the pads wear out faster as well as the entire unit. When you add trips across town to refill propane tanks, your total job time savings may only be 20%.

So if you cut your job time in half, donít cut your job pricing in half. Maybe reduce your current price per square foot by 20-30%. Once you complete a few jobs, you will be able to calculate exact labor/price comparisons and then adjust your prices accordingly. Keep in mind that propane is mainly suitable for larger, open area and non-medical facilities. You may want to keep your electric for those jobs (day cares, Dr. offices, etc.).

Garry Clipperton
National Pro Clean