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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am located in NJ and will be submitting a bid for two office buildings at 2500 SF. Each bldg. is to be cleaned 5x/week with common areas, elevators, stairwells, lounge area and three bathrooms, each ladies' room has 4 stalls, men's room has two with two urinals. I was going to charge .09 cents/SF for $225/day x five days for $1125/week. This seems to be high from what I have been reading on this site. Could you please give me some input?


We often see numbers tossed out such as $.09 or $.06 without the key word attached. That key word relates to the time period involved. Is it $.09 a sq. ft. to clean the carpet once? Too low, in my opinion.
Is it $.09/ sq. ft. each time the office is cleaned, in this case, daily? Looks too high, right? It is.
Or, is it $.09 per month, making the annual sq. ft. cleaning rate $1.08/ sq. ft.? That, as Goldilocks said, seems just right.
You may be off a cent or two/per sq. ft., but this will put you in the realm of reality, maybe.
At $225 a week now, you are charging $45 per day or $23 per building. Your rate, then, if you can clean one building (2500 sq.ft.) an hour is $23 per hour. That may be a bit low, but I don't know for sure what your production rate is.
And I can't be sure if both buildings total 2500 sq. ft. or if that is the size of each, as I assumed in the above example. The statement you made is ambiguous.
All of this shows the value of being accurate with building surveys, specific frequencies, known production rates. Be vague and you will have inaccurate numbers to work with.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor