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Thursday, October 08, 2015


What's the latest trend in the cleaning industry regarding the usage of string mops on the lavatorial floors and regular floors? And the best way to prevent cross contamination.


The move seems to be toward using microfiber flat mops, although good quality string mops work well when properly used. Neither will clean when soiled and so both need frequent laundering in a mop bucket of some sort while on the job. Microfiber pads load up quickly due to their small surface and effective action, so some folks have taken to using an abundance of pads, changing to a fresh one when soiling is apparent, and laundering them off-site later. This can be cumbersome.
I don't see cross-contamination of floors as a major health threat for two reasons.:
1) Normally, people do not touch floors and then touch other places or their person,
2) Foot traffic will quickly re-contaminate a disinfected floor making it unsanitary soon after cleaning.
You can minimize the cross-contamination risk by using a new mop pad in each different area or room, or by using a disinfectant solution for the mopping. Just be aware of the limited value of the effort. The first walker begins the return of the microbes.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor