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Sunday, November 29, 2015


We have been implementing the Team Cleaning System this school year. We seem to do well most weeks but have veteran custodians who always revert back to a zone cleaning, the night supervisor is on sight to redirect this habit as it develops. What daily strategy would you recommend to keep focus on Team Cleaning?


Breaking old habits and developing new ones is hard and takes time, as you are experiencing.
However, Team Cleaning is going to prove advantageous in many ways from both a cost perspective and for its production improvements.
You are asking these people to become specialists. They are trained in the assigned work and given the proper tools to do it. Time is saved and a better quality of work is expected.
Continue to have the night supervisor redirect the focus of those who seem to wander until the new procedures become habitual. Just stay with it.
I would explain clearly that for a Team effort to work, all must cooperate and do their part. If anyone wants to do zone cleaning, that person will have to look for employment where zone cleaning is the norm.
When necessary a rest room specialist may be asked to vacuum, but only when that is needed to balance the workload and only after the rest room work is completed.
Make certain everyone knows that this new effort is going to be successful, and that conformity to the standards of its operation is a job requirement. Those who disagree with the change have a choice to stay and conform, or leave to pursue their own ways.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor