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Monday, November 30, 2015


We are contracted to strip and refinish a commercial store of between 55,000-60,000 sq. feet coming up in the next 2 weeks. We have been allotted a period of 2 weeks to complete, as they prefer we do it section by section. We will apply about 5-6 thin coats of finish, thin because drying takes a long time between coats. We are in Ontario, Canada and wondering what the minimum to maximum price per sq. ft. should be for this job. We are leaning toward the lower bid since we already are contracted to clean the store and have a very good and reasonable relationship with the owner, so we’re not interested in "soaking" him; he trusts us. Still, this is the first time we’ve done this (and will have the help of 2 more professionals who will be teaching us the ropes). What prices would you suggest per sq. foot that would be very reasonable, but not appear naive?


I waited for someone to volunteer this information and no one has written in. Since your time is running low, here are some thoughts.
First off, most contractors taking on a job this size will have some high production equipment on hand to reduce the labor. If you go to you can get an idea of what is available.
You may be using a 16 inch rotary and a wet vac for all I know. This will extend your time on the job considerably and you will have to charge for it.
I would estimate your cost for this job between $.20 to $.35 a sq. ft. depending on the equipment available and on the floor’s condition. Will one strip do the removal or is there heavy buildup? Do you have dirt sealed in on edges and in corners? Is water readily accessible?
Remember that you will be setting up and tearing down several times while working various sections. That is time spent. How about travel time?
What are you paying the help?
What profit do you wish after you have paid yourselves a living wage for all the work?
What will your finish cost and how much will each gallon cover? Same with stripper.
Since you are cleaning the store, do you have an auto scrubber to work with? Would a basic scrub and recoat do the job of restoration, and save everyone time and money?
As with most of this sort of questions, we here know less than needed to be accurate in offering an estimate that truly reflects your situation. I wish we could do more.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor