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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am seeking a contract for 2 schools. One facility is 44,000 sf, around 600 kids, and the other is 80,000 sf, around 1300 kids. They need one custodial person during the day for 8 hours (cleaning the lunch room, taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen and restrooms). What is the hourly rate I should set for 1 person, 8 hours a day? Next, they need 2 people at night to vacuum, clean the restrooms, spot clean walls, take out the trash, disinfect all the door knobs. I estimated it will take 2 people around 5 hours a day, = 10 man-hours How much is the weekly rate, not hourly, that I should ask for?


In Thornton, the average janitorial pay is around $10.50 an hour. If your payroll expenses (labor burden) ran 16%, overhead (including ALL expenses) 15% and your desired profit was 25%, you would have $18.68 an hour. You did not mention who is to supply the cleaning equipment and chemicals.
You would want to enter your own expense ratios to supersede the above rates and to arrive at your exact hourly billing rate. Then, you multiply the hourly rate times the daily hours, and then times the number of days per week or per month that you plan to bill out each time.

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