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Friday, October 09, 2015


I am located in the Northwest Arkansas area. I am bidding on an 80000 sq. ft. medical center, which is cleaned 5 days a week, and we need one full time person on Sunday for 8 hrs. It has 54000 sq. ft. of vinyl flooring, 5000 sq. ft. of tile & grout and the rest is carpet. It has 200 employees and we have to supply the trashbags for the entire building as well as the soap, toilet tissue, and waxy bags for the eight restrooms. Also, during the day we have to provide a porter from 8 to 5 in case the tenants need anything. How do I bid this?


The difficult challenge is to assess customer expectations and calculate daily traffic loads. Another consideration is that you likely have a dozen private restrooms and dozens of exam room sinks to clean each night. You will also need to find out the details on emptying medical trash and cleaning counters.
On a medical building this size you could expect a production rate of around 3,200 sq. ft. per hour + or 15%. If your labor rate was $10 an hour and your expenses near national averages, along with a 25% profit, you might be just over $19 an hour. So, if your nightly cleaning time was 25 hours, that would be $475 a night. That would also include all cleaning supplies, expenses, and overhead. Sounds a little high, but keep in mind you have a large amount of hard floors to keep clean, including nightly wet-mopping.
Next, you would total up your day porter hours and multiply that times your billing rate. The account will want to see the monthly total on the bid, including the day porters. Check with your local Jan/San distributor to see if you need to add another 4% for consumables. A lot of hand washing goes on in a medical setting (or you would hope so). Your supplier should have a paper usage calculator based on the number of employees and visitors.
Carpet care around 14 cents a square foot and floor care at 2 cents to buff and 30 cents to strip would be a good starting add-on point, on a building this size. Again, the variables will determine if the projected costs would be increased by 15%, stay at the norm, or if you would subtract 15%. You will be the best judge of that, or check out the CMI bookstore for bidding software that will calculate bids with greater accuracy.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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