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Friday, October 09, 2015


Where can I register to get information on contracts and/or bids for janitorial cleaning? I have looked everywhere on the internet. No luck


I won't say no such source exists specifically for the industry, but I have never seen one either. Watch your local newspapers, since ads may be placed there inviting proposals for cleaning. That I have seen.
However, your more productive approach is to locate a building under construction and talk with the contractors to find a lead to the management of the finished structure. Then, approach that person and offer to make a proposal. This way you may often find yourself first in line and way ahead of the competition who are waiting for an invitation to bid.
Existing buildings offer the same opportunity. Stop by and look to see if the facility needs your services. If you see poor quality cleaning, find the contact person you need and offer to do a survey and make a proposal. Often you will get your chance.
DO NOT attempt to get a contract to clean a facility that obviously has a competent service in there by undercutting their price. Go after the buildings under contract to the incompetents (you can spot them easily) or those lacking any professional service at all. These are the ones with dirty carpets and worn VCT because the secretary cleaning after close at night has no access to a truckmount or a floor refinish setup.
If, by chance, you contact that dear lady, you will have an instant ally. Not everyone loves cleaning.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor