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Friday, October 09, 2015


I live in small town near Victoria, in south Texas ~ only about 2000 population. One of the two major employers here is taking bids for janitorial services for their 10,000 sq. ft. office building. Services to be performed three times a week: sweep offices, hallway, and restroom floors; shake out floor mats; clean 4 restroom toilets, sinks, and stalls; remove trash and replace liners; and ensure soap and paper products are full. Services to be performed one time a week: mop office, hallway and bathroom floors (sooner if needed); dust furniture and surface areas; make sure walls are free of debris (spiderwebs); clean inside and outside windows. The company provides trash can liners, soap and paper products for the restrooms. The contractor is responsible for all other supplies needed. I have cleaned residential houses for 15 years and am not quite sure how to bid on something this size. I went to look at the job and especially wanted to ask about the window cleaning. I was told if I could just get the two front entrance area doors and windows on the side of them and any windows on the inside that I could get to would be fine. So, I don't think they are expecting professional window cleanings. They want a monthly fee bid.


There are several missing items that you will need to consider. First, if the building is not cleaned every day that it is used, then your cleaning time for the next cleaning service will rise slightly. So, if they are open 5 or 6 days and you clean 4 days, there would need to be a slight adjustment to increase your cleaning time.

Your travel time and accessibility to the building can also affect your costs. Your production rate will be influenced by the workstation density (how many people are working inside the 10,000 square feet) and the general use (light, medium, or heavy). Now, with this in mind, your cleaning time might range from 2-4 hours. On three days you are only performing a partial clean. You likely know your hourly billing rate from the residential side. However, an account that is cleaned nightly will not go for the $30 an hour maid cleaning rate.

Finally, you will want to count the windows and figure around 3 minutes each per side unless there are screen windows to remove or if ladders are needed. Then, you multiply the labor hours times your billing rate and multiply that times 17.32 (4.33 wks X 4 days/wk) and add the window costs to that.

CMM/CMI Bookstore has bidding software to help you out.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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