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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


What is the average cost per square foot (or range) to clean and maintain an international airport with 24/7/365 service? Also, what cleaning production rates are accomplishable for this type of environment?


We found the range of price per year to start at $3.48 a square foot and go up to $7.62 a square foot, with $5.19 as the average. Production rates ran from 1,131 to 2,820 per thousand square feet per hour with the average rate at 1,771 sq. ft./hr. Our study included ten medium to large international airports.
Cost per square foot and production rates show a wide variation depending on a number of factors. Variables include, but are not limited to, passenger traffic measured in enplanes or deplanes, the amount of staff required (days and nights), and the frequency of cleaning tasks related to floors, carpets, window washing, and restrooms, and whether paper products, sidewalks, parking garages, and office spaces are included in the cost.
If there is on-site airport authority office space, this should be bid separately as normal office space instead of as part of the airport terminal, gate, or concourse areas. Each airport is unique regarding cleaning demands, hourly pay scale, and traffic, so it is difficult to benchmark one against another. Also, there are no standards as to how the information is collected and calculated at each facility. The most accurate approach would be for you to workload the facility yourself, and then compare previous costs, if available, to your projections.

William Griffin and Gary Clipperton