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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


We clean a cold storage facility. The cleaning crew noticed an odd film on the flooring there, and noted the floor squeaked when walking on it; this appeared overnight. We had switched from Rubbermaid No-rinse floor cleaner to Zep No-rinse floor cleaner, after this is when the issue started. I have changed the mop heads out thinking that there was something in them and scrubbed out the mop buckets. I have had them stop using the Zep product and mop with just water, and now a pine based cleaner. Any idea what could be the contamination causing the squeaks?


Yet another mystery we can address long-distance.
Did the squeaking come from all footware or just some? Was the “odd film” on the floor to clean up or the result of the cleaner use?
Now, ZEP doesn’t make a No-Rinse neutral floor cleaner. They do make a No-Rinse floor disinfectant that is a quat based product and may leave a film if not completely mopped up. Maybe.
Could the “cold storage” be a factor? Are the floors actually too cold for the finish to level and evaporate readily, leaving a surface susceptible to squeaking when a film or residue is left on it? Or, when a certain composition sole is used?
Could there be a chemical conflict with the finish on the floor?
I don’t like the idea of leaving a film, because that is residue and doesn’t belong there. However,
a residue on a floor in a storage facility is not cause for alarm. Do a better mop pick up or move to an autoscrubber with a vacuum pick up.
As to squeaks, I can’t be certain the cause, but again the harm is on the level of annoyance rather than safety. In fact, the squeaking may be a sign of increased friction.
Use a product that avoids the film with minimum time spent.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor