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Monday, August 31, 2015


I have twenty - two years experience in stripping & refinishing tile floors. I have been looking into starting a floor care business and would like to know how to bid and estimate a job. Totally lost.


After 22 years, you cannot be totally lost. You know the procedures you have to follow for success. You know the equipment and supplies that are needed. You even have some idea of the time it takes to do whatever step in the refinishing process you are into.
So, you are not totally lost.
However, you need help with pricing and you can go to and read hundreds of entries that explain the basics of the estimating you must do to get business.
Production time and cost are the drivers. Labor cost, product cost, your personal income cost.
Measure the area, determine the time it will take to do what is needed, figure the product cost, establish what you must make per hour for your (or someone's) labor, add profit, and you have a proposal price.
If you have not done so, start taking notes relating to the above unknowns. Soon you will have times and costs down to the point that you can make a confident proposal for your services.
Please be aware that there is a vast difference between just doing the work and running a business that gets the work done. Are you ready for doing the latter?

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor