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Thursday, September 03, 2015


Does anyone have any experience in quoting window cleaning by the square foot? I am bidding a job and they are asking for a price per sf for interior glass and a price per sf for exterior glass. Does anyone price window cleaning according to this method and have any pricing ranges that I should charge between?


You might want to ask this question on one of the window cleaning forums because someone there might have a good answer.
I do not price per sq. ft. simply because it takes too long to measure panes. You might say the panes are a pain.
Instead, I price per opening, $2 to $6 a side depending on size and accessibility.
Since this is not truly a scientific method, why not time yourself cleaning a window similar in size to what you are looking at, measure the glass, do the math?
For example, a 3' x 6' pane (18 sq. ft.) that you charge $2 to clean is being done at $.12 a sq. ft. (2/18) If it takes you a full minute to strip wash and squeegee this one side, you are making $2 a minute or $120 an hour.
Just remember that you have to stop work and move to another window, wipe down frames, shift furniture inside, shuffle screens, and do other things that eat into this, and drop your income to far less per minute.
Do some practice runs and see what you wish to charge.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor