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Sunday, October 04, 2015


How much is the current strip and refinish rate for 2500 square feet of VCT with 4 coats of finish?


There isn't any!
1) How many coats are you going to have to remove?
How long will that take?
2) What equipment in the form of wet vacs and rotary scrubbers will you use?
3) What finish will you apply?
4) What does it cost per gallon?
5) How many sq. ft. will a gallon cover?
6) How are you applying the finish, mop or applicator?
7) How long will curing each coat take? What is the airflow in the space?
8) How many people are you using for the task?
9) How close is a water supply?
10) Do you know any of this up front so you can tell us?

We cannot guess and serve you well, so you must be able to isolate the basic steps involved and place reasonable times on each.
You should have developed a fairly standard charge for this sort of work, so that you can do do some brief math and answer your own question with reasonable certainty.
For example, the 2500 sq. ft. is very damaged and soiled and it looks as if there is a lot of old finish. For that sort of restoration you charge $.35 per sq. ft. and the charge will be $875 for a 6 coat restoration over a two-day weekend.
Or, the floor need a light scrub and recoat and will cost $.22 per sq. ft. or $550 for 5 coat renewal.
You need to develop these numbers to fit your production times and expertise. What others charge will not work nearly so well.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor