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Friday, September 04, 2015


I have a brand new barn to clean twice each weekend. The barn is used for weddings and parties. There is a 400 square foot commercial kitchen that is stainless steel. There are men's and women's washrooms amounting to 11 stalls. The flooring area on two floors is for the dining tables and chairs plus dance floor and the floor area is finished concrete measuring 8000 square feet for 300 guests. There is one staircase and one elevator. These premises would have to be cleaned the morning of the Saturday wedding ready for that day's wedding and again the following morning for the Sunday wedding, then cleaned after the Sunday wedding on the Monday for the following week. Can you please help me on the estimating of this, bearing in mind there will be food and drink on the floors, such as spills of wine beer and juice. There will be two people to do the work. Sincerely Anthony


I'll try to give you some guidance, but I have limited information to do so.
What you have to determine is:
1) How long will it take to remove the litter and debris left after the reception? To a dumpster?
2) How long to mop or autoscrub the floor?
3) Rest rooms may clean at about 3 minutes a stall, so you are looking at about 1/2 hour there.
4) Kitchen is another matter and you need to learn how much you are expected to do in there. Is the kitchen used by the wedding people themselves, or by the facility owners to provide catered meals? Will it be tidied up after use or all the mess left for you to clean?
5) Price the project on a per clean basis. Why? Because you set out telling me they need the barn cleaned twice each weekend and within your explanation you list a Saturday, Sunday, and a Monday cleaning. I have to assume that they would want a cleaning after each use and there could be a party Wednesday night that would require another visit by your staff. Price per visit.
6) The spilled food can be swept into a lobby pan with a washable poly broom. The spills can be mopped up readily since they are on finished and sealed concrete and not carpet. Easy clean and fairly fast.
7) ISSA times:
a) sweep floor with 30" push broom -12 minutes per 1000 sq. ft. so you need 1.5 hours.
b) mop the same with 24 oz head - about the same time as the sweep.
c) dust mop will move faster, but you can't use it on a floor wet with food and drink spills.
d) Figure 10 minutes on stairwell and elevator
e) Do you have to move and stack chairs and tables? Figure how long you will need to do that, if needed.
f) Are tables washable or are you placing and removing some sort of paper coverings?
g) Check carefully for any other expectations by management.

Your goal is to do the work as quickly as possible, so any mechanization you can bring in will be to your benefit.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor