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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


I am bidding on a cleaning contract with a movie theater that is 16,000 sq. ft. I will be cleaning the tile floors, vacuum carpet, 4 restrooms, (two men/two women) 1 lobby, 4 glass entrance doors, 12 movie theater showrooms, (6 at each end of the hall with the movie theater lobby in the middle) cleaning all the movie theater seats with cup holders and armrest, empty trash disposal, and I am providing all cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. I will make sure that all their paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers and bathroom tissue holders are filled (they supply those items). I will be working with 5 workers including me. Will try to be finished in 6 hours. How much should I bid on a movie theater contract?


Once again we are lacking necessary information on the project.
Are you cleaning once a night or after each showing?
I can assume seven days a week, but is that so? How many times a day?
How long will the work actually take?
Are you figuring you need 5 cleaners working for 6 hours to make it 30 man-hours?
If that is true, your production rate will be about 534 sq. ft. per man-hour. That seems way low to me.
You have got to answer these and other questions in order to place a competent price on this work.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor