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Friday, August 28, 2015


I am with a contracting agency. They have given me a LOT of work, but the kicker is, they don't pay for 60 days. I ran broke for the first 60 days; barely had enough money to eat. Then the big day came when they said they would pay me and I ran to the mail box and there is no check. Another week goes by and still no pay (I called them and they said "we don't know what has happened"). Well, I get the check eventually and all is well until the next month, and no pay again; had to wait forever to see anything. Well, this has happened for at least 5 months now and it's getting so old. I really want just to pull the plug, but my family and I really rely on this because there is money to be made, although, at the contracted prices, I am sure nearly half is all I get of what the agency gets paid, and keep in mind the delayed payments. I really want my business to succeed, but not with me about to lose all my hair and wife. Maybe you could give me some advice!


It sounds as if you need to find some customers of your own and get out from under the negative business relationship you are currently in.
Here are my suggestions:
1. Join the local carpet cleaners association. If you can't join right now,
start attending their meetings as a non- member guest until you can afford
to join.

2. Attend the "Totally Booked" marketing course" taught by Jeff Cross.

3. Subscribe to and read one or more carpet cleaning industry publications.

4. Follow one or more of the carpet cleaning chats and forums.,

3. Attend an IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) Certification Course to
get training and certification.

4. Attend the annual "Experience Event" in Las Vegas in October 2013.

5. Attend the "ISSA Show" in November in Las Vegas in November 2013.

6. Attend the "Experience" carpet cleaning show in Vegas in September. see

Attending these educational events should get you well on your way to a
successful career as a professional carpet cleaning business owner.
If not, better get a job with a regular pay check.
Bill Griffin, President