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Saturday, August 29, 2015


I have been asked to clean an apartment complex. I gave 17 cents per sq. ft. for the apartments' move out cleanings. Now, they want to know what I would charge to clean the club house,exercise room, two public bathrooms, tanning room, and a full size basketball court. The basketball court has me stumped. This would be a once a month cleaning. What should I charge?


The common areas should clean twice as fast as the apartments. So your price could be half and you would still earn the same amount per hour.

ICAN representative

Editor's note: The basketball court is a totally open space. Use as wide a dust mop as you can find. A touch-up with a damp mop should be all you need beyond that, unless food and drink are allowed on the court. Find out ahead of time what you need to do, so you can put some production times to the work.