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Thursday, October 08, 2015


I am trying to come up with a form that the teachers can fill out when there is a spill on the carpet in their room. That way, I will know how long it has been there, what it is, and where it is. I am also going to send a note to call my office and leave a message so I can get to it as soon as possible. The forms are for my night crew in case I am not called. Any ideas on the exact questions to put on the form, or does someone already have something I can use or adapt?


Rather than specific questions let me suggest the following:
- Keep the form simple and short. See sample below. Make it as easy as possible for the teachers and staff to communicate with you.
- Attend a teachers’ meeting to let them know how and why you want them to use the form.
- Be sure you respond to their requests promptly or don't expect them to notify you.
- Consider training all cleaners to remove basic/small spots each night as part of their standard cleaning procedures.
Bill Griffin, President

Carpet Spotting Request

Location of spill __________________ in Room # ________

When did it happen? _________________________

What is it? __________________________________

Requested by ________________ Date _________

Completed by ________________ Date _________

Result _____________________________________