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Saturday, October 03, 2015


I have a customer who is asking for an "Accepted Industry Standard" definition for "Burnish".


I am not familiar with an industry-accepted definition of burnish as it relates to hard surface floors. However, if I were to propose a definition that could be used to define burnishing operations I would suggest the following:
Burnish an interim maintenance process for hard surface floors utilizing a high-speed rotary machine driving a polishing pad or brush over a buffable floor finish or a finish treated with a polishing compound to remove micro-abrasions and produce a high gloss. The process normally requires: a) High-speed floor machine known as a burnisher, capable of 1,250 or above RPM's. b) A burnishing pad. c) Either a buffable floor finish or a cleaner, restorer, conditioner, applied to a floor finish before burnishing that is capable of producing a high gloss. A gloss meter can measure results. For more information and training related to hard floor care, you may wish to attend the IICRC approved Floor Care Technician (FCT) certification course which is available in various locations through out the country.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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