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Friday, November 27, 2015


With 1800 high school students, how do you keep carpet looking fresh and clean in traffic areas?


First of all, sufficient walk-off matting inside and outside all entrances is very important. Although you may need to take into account restrictions on matting due to possible slip/fall hazards, most mats can be secured to minimize such a risk. Talk to your distributor about the different types of matting designed for outside and inside entrances for the most effective combination. The benefits of removing moisture and grit from the shoes of those walking into the building should more than balance out any perceived slip/fall risk.

Secondly, thorough vacuuming of the carpeted traffic areas
is essential. If possible, schedule periodic vacuuming during the day. Make sure the equipment is maintained and functioning properly with bags, filters, etc. cleaned or replaced regularly.

Next, develop a schedule for periodic low moisture cleaning of the carpet surface to remove dirt and oils that can eventually stain the carpet. Be sure that the low moisture system used (bonnet, granular, etc.) is effective while minimizing damage to carpet fibers and does not violate any warranty guidelines.

Next, schedule regular hot water extraction of the carpeted areas.

Finally, don't overlook the importance of training your staff in the safe and proper use of equipment since the best chemicals and equipment are ineffective if used incorrectly.

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