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Thursday, August 27, 2015


I am researching growth, trends and the employment outlook for the carpet cleaning industry. I want to know how fast it's growing or shrinking and what is the forecast for the future? Any resources you can provide would be appreciated.


40,000 plus carpet cleaning companies comprise a fragmented but steady growth $5.3 billion industry. Rising prices for gas, insurance, labor, chemicals and equipment continue to squeeze profits. This segment of the industry grew at 5% in 2005 & 2006, with a 4% growth anticipated through 2010. The top 10 franchises operate roughly 8,000 US units and account for 22% of the total. The typical carpet cleaner with 5 employees grosses roughly $355,000 per year. An owner operator running one truck should expect to do $100,000 in business per year and generate approximately $90.00 per hour when the truck is operating.
Much of this information was provided by Marketdata Inc. which offers it's 4th annual 2006 128 page US Carpet Cleaning Industry Study. For info visit: or call: 813-931-3900.
Bill Griffin, President