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Saturday, October 10, 2015


How do I clean and properly disinfect tanning beds and salon surfaces and equipment?


A thorough cleaning with an approved hospital grade quat or hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant cleaner will do the job. The most popular method is to spray on the solution and let it dwell for recommended contact time and then wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth. With recent outbreaks of MRSA and other transmittable diseases, it would be good to have your bases covered. Your supplier should be able to verify if the disinfectant you plan to use is effective on MRSA. Your clients may object and there are other risks to the use of bleach. If the product you use requires a 10 minute contact time, you would probably need to use bucket of disinfectant and a damp towel to apply an ample amount to the equipment before it evaporates.
Some new products on the market require a one-minute contact time. These would be worth looking into. The other critical concern is to not only clean the beds and rest rooms, but all hand touch areas such as door knobs, chairs, bed handles, exercise equipment, sign in counter, clipboards, pens, etc. Don't forget the number one source of contamination - hands that are not properly or regulary washed.
Here are some links regarding procedures and products:

Center of Disease Control info on MRSA

EPA’s Registered Sterilizers, Tuberculocides, and Antimicrobial Products Against Certain Human Public Health Bacteria and Viruses

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