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Thursday, October 08, 2015


We have marble floors in the lobby areas of our hotel. In the winter months, we have problems with heavy traffic which causes a heavy build up of white salt residue that is difficult to remove from the floor. Repeated mopping seems to spread it around rather than remove it. Can you provide advice on the best practices for removing salt from marble floors or advise of any products that are safe for marble cleaning? We currently use neutral based floor cleaner.


Removing ice melt or salt residue is definitely labor intensive. Whether you use an automatic scrubber or a mop bucket, this residue normally requires repeated passes and regular changing of the water. Assuming you are cleaning with a mop bucket, you can increase the concentration of your neutral cleaner by about 20%. Mop the solution on heavier than normal. Do a careful and complete pick-up with a clean mop.
A more intensive method is to mop on the neutral cleaner, allow 5-10 minutes contact time, wet vac up the solution, and then rinse, using a wet vac again for the final pick-up.
Do not use an acid-based neutralizer on marble because you will risk etching or dulling the finished surface.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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