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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Is the industry working toward certification for commercial GREEN cleaning businesses/contractors anytime soon? We use Green Seal products as well as CRI approved equipment and are all IICRC certified, but will there be anything available to certify our contractors specifically for GREEN?


Yes, Green Seal began offering it's GS-42 green cleaning certification program for cleaning contractors in September of 2006 The only down side to the program may be the cost of the initial audit and follow-up visit every year. For this reason, only a handful of contractors have become certified under the program. You can print out the requirements for certification from the Green Seal website. There is nothing stopping you from operating according to the requirements without actually obtaining the formal certification. The organization also has environmentally preferable standards for Paper Towels GS-09, Tissue Paper GS-01, Cleaning Chemicals GS-37, and Floor Care Products GS-40. For more information on these and other standards visit:
Bill Griffin, President