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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


What can I use to remove dried blue permanent marker from a nylon carpet? We found them during our last break and they have been there several weeks. We have tried working with a multi-purpose carpet spotter and indelible ink remover with water extraction to follow. One has lightened up but the other is as bright as ever.


Ink is difficult as it tends to thin out and spread during the removal process. I'd try a jell-type solvent spotter, allow the recommended dwell time, then rinse well with a clear solvent, and repeat if lighter but still visible. End with an extraction rinse.
If ink discoloration remains, add the solvent to an absorbent compound, work in and use as a poultice. Let it dry overnight. If after all this, the spot remains, try a heat dye transfer process.
If nothing works, cut and patch, put a garbage can or chair over it, or live with it. Be gentle so you don't fuzz or flatten the fibers.
Bill Griffin, President