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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I live in Florida and would like to know the charge to clean a 43,000 sq. ft. country club. It has 5 dining rooms, 8 bathrooms with showers, rugs, wood floor, many windows (250 window ledges), desks, tile and rugs, tables to be dusted, an employee area, bars, 3 elevators, and 4 stair cases.


Your area is showing a janitorial labor rate of $10.83 an hour. Since you are unfamiliar with bidding a job of this magnitude, you might consider starting with an hourly rate. If you were to double your labor price and charge $21.66 an hour including all equipment, chemical, supplies, insurance and overhead - your profit should be acceptable (probably in the 25% range). Next, convince the manager to give you a shot and you will provide the most efficient, motivated, and thorough staff possible. After two weeks, see if you can negotiate a monthly price and write up a contract.
There are too many unknown variables to quote an exact square foot price. Things like: customer count, day or night cleaning, is there a day porter to help tidy up during the day, do waiters clean all tables and bars, what has to be cleaned in the kitchen, do you have to pick up towels and perform laundry services, what is the frequency for carpet extraction, wood floor care and window washing, is the facility to be cleaned 5 days a week or 7, and the list goes on.
If the manager will start you out on billed labor, after two weeks it will be easy to calculate a square foot price. For example, if the building requires one person for daytime work and one person at night for a total of 16 hours, 5 days a week (80 man hours per week), then your billing rate at $21.66 per hour would be $1733 a week or $7500 a month (uniform billing). The square foot price per month would then equal .1785 cents (based on 5 days a week).
However, having worked with country club managers, my guess is that you will need to keep labor to a minimum.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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