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Thursday, September 03, 2015


The community college where I work is going to open a day care within the year. Can anyone tell me about special procedures for cleaning a day care center?


One of our members, Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. sells a $10.00 report (#63) How to Bid and Clean Day Care Centers. Their website is: or call 206-682-9748.
You already clean a facility with a lot of people in it, so the day care should be no different with the exception of the ages involved and the fact that ones so young have a tendency to put toys and such into their mouths and do other things that will pass along microbes. While in the long run, these may build their immune systems, in the short haul, they can cause a lot of illness. You may find your self disinfecting toys and other surfaces that pose a threat to the young ones in this setting.
The basic floor care and rest room maintenance will not change except these young ones may be a bit messier than their adult counterparts. I suspect you will be up to the challenge, due to your background.
Lynn E. Krafft, ATEX/ICAN Associate Editor