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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Green Cleaning

We are searching for an air freshener having the below requirements: 1. Has any Environmentally Friendly Certificate, i.e. LEED or equivalent 2. Refill must be non-aerosol and contain the vapor system 3. Refill should be in various neutral fragrances 4. All ingredients used in refills should be biodegradable 5. Dispenser should be adjustable to 30-90 days 6. Dispenser must have a fully automatic odor control system to provide fragrances continuously 7. Digitally programmable dispenser made of polypropylene with battery refill information 8. Dispenser should be elegant and suitable for offices, restrooms, and hallways Your immediate response is highly appreciated.
How much should I charge to clean a new condominium for a move in?
How can I get a "Manual Green"? This is a requirement for some buildings.
I am looking for a good "Green" dusting spray but, everywhere I look, there is nothing that specifies an eco-friendly "dusting spray." The only results are for traditional products. 1) What determines a product can be called a "dusting spray" and can you recommend a green one? 2) I have seen that the majority of green solutions are concentrated and have different dilution levels for different purposes and thought of purchasing one to use for just dusting. How reliable are these all-in-one green solutions, and if they are as good as they say they are, which one(s) would you recommend which would also be great for dusting? 3) Which green product would you recommend that is strong enough to remove hard baked-on gunk on ovens and stove tops that works as well as the traditional products? I have already used two different green solutions that did not work as well as the product description specified.
Of all the various Green Certifications offered, can you suggest one that would be a safer bet than another? I have found so many certifications, and now have doubts as to who would be the best.
Do you offer courses on green cleaning to better prepare our company a Green Seal Certified service?
I am co-owner of a green cleaning company in North Texas and will be adding a green (fogger) deodorizing service to the list of services we already have in place. My question is, how do I go about pricing this service? I figured that it would have to be by square footage, but since this is something new to us we donít want to over price or under price.
What is the cost of green cleaning based on, per sq. ft, per window, etc? What should I typically expect to pay per sq. ft., etc? And is there a website that shows me market trends on green cleaning?
II have been researching green cleaning custodial products (including equipment) over the last several months. Many companies are making claims about their green products. How do I distinguish and analyze which companies products are 1) Green; and 2) The best available? I have been reviewing products that are certified by Green Seal. Your thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.
I am starting a commercial cleaning company and Iím considering whether I should clean with traditional products and use green cleaning products only when asked by my customers, or use green products even if the customer does not ask for them.
Is there any healthcare facility using electrolyzed water as disinfectant?
Is anyone aware of a "Green Cleaning" checklist that can be utilized to set up and continually audit a facility for Green Cleaning?
Are there any secrets to using and applying a "green floor finish"? We are experiencing the finish drying too fast and it looks dull.
In what cleaning conditions can we use micro fibers without the use of chemicals?
How do you acquired a certification as a green expert on paper
Is the industry working toward certification for commercial GREEN cleaning businesses/contractors anytime soon? We use Green Seal products as well as CRI approved equipment and are all IICRC certified, but will there be anything available to certify our contractors specifically for GREEN?
Where can I find real data on how harmful surfactants are to our environment?
The NCL Green Cleaning Tip of the Month: Controlling MRSA Outbreaks from an Environmental Cleaning Perspective states that "NCL offers a variety of high performance, EPA-registered products in this category, Are these products intended to prevent MRSA? Which EPA list are they registered under? Can you recommend any other products for our Green Cleaning program that are effective against MRSA?
What type of green cleaning product can be used in a New York State private school classroom to kill the MRSA bacteria?
Iím looking to go green in the fairly large home and office service I own. Iím having trouble getting a green product that will clean soap scum or mildew off shower doors and walls. The current products I use are very good, but not green.
I am ready to start a green cleaning business and want to know if it should be a non-profit or for profit? Are there any samples for incorporating this kind of business, especially the language needed for the articles of incorporation?
What is the best method of conversion to green cleaning for a motel?
Are microfiber mops the only wet mops certified as being green?
We are trying to go to green seal certified chemicals. What products are available to disinfect restrooms? Also to clean glass, toilet bowls, floors?
Where can I get a good training program to teach green cleaning practices to custodial staffs? I want to do training of custodians first and then open a janitorial business later this year.
What are the components that make restroom paper products "Green Seal Certified" Why do I care......most paper is already made from 20-30% recycled? Why should I spec Green Seal on of my vendors says that will increase costs by $4-6 per case. I want to be green so help me out here.
Do you have any feedback from your members or facility managers on the use of biological cleaning and odor control products to replace additional chemical cleaners? Do you think it is well understood how biological products containing bacterial spores that produce enzymes help to clean floors, carpets and drains?
Are there any products that are "Green Seal" and also hospital-grade disinfectant?
When a general purpose "green" cleaner's ingredients list is simply "purified water, cleaning agents, ethanol, fragrance" what is your opinion about its shade of green? It appears the consumer gets little helpful info, and chasing down an environmental sheet or MSDS is difficult or impossible if you're not a wholesale buyer. Can you provide advice on this dilemma? Thanx, Scott.
As I start my new residential maid service, my jan-san vendor is recommending that I use a hydrogen peroxide based set of cleaning chemicals, thus allowing me to promote "Green Cleaning". I am interested in knowing what are the thoughts of this group regarding peroxide based cleaning products.
How do you know if a product is truly "Green" or not. Is Simple Green a "Green" product? Any light you could shed on this convoluted subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
When converting to "green" cleaners, what criteria should I use to determine the best products? Naturally, I want products that are highly effective, and yet gentle to the environment. How to choose?