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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Implementation of Cleaning Systems Upgrades

How do I become certified in the cleaning of OR in a hospital type environment. Terminal cleaning.
Can you recommend the factors, rates and variables which should be used to calculate the estimated daily square footage floor maintenance cost of a 1,000,000 sq-ft. airport facility with 24/7 operation?
Is there a machine or system for cleaning exposed duct work and vents in a gym? The method of getting on a lift and knocking dust to the floor with a duster on a pole and then vacuuming is not working.
What other floor finishing products are better than the other leading brands, and where can I get the best finish that is not to expensive?
I am trying to estimate the cost to add a clean room facility to our manufacturing plant. This may or may not happen, so I am only looking for a basic idea of what the requirements would be for a class 100 space. Can anyone give me a basic list? Do I need HEPA filters for a class 100? Special garments?
We need information on your Custodial Training & Certification program, Exams, Custodial Maintenance Supervisor Home Study Course and Train the Trainer programs. We will be Training 60 to 70 employees and we would like more information as to cost, number of books or modules we need, exam proces etc. . Please provide us with the above information as soon as possible. Thanks
We are considering changing the restrooms in our classroom and administrative buildings to no-touch soap and paper towel dispensers, and no-touch flush systems. What are some issues we should be aware of before taking on the change? Are there products that are standing the test of time? Do these types of systems really save money? Thanks for any help you can provide.