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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Marketing Strategies

How or where are the cleaning opportunities advertised?
I plan to take part in my first expo on "Green Cleaning" thru my Chamber of Commerce. What are some good ideas for the expo?
I need information regarding a janitorial business plan for my startup company using two employees. Any sample business plans would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking at a firm called "The Janitorial Agency" for help with marketing. Is anyone familiar with their program? They want money up front and then 20% of any new contracts they acquire. I know there was a similar company that was a scam. Do you know any firms that generate leads for cleaning contractors?
Does anyone know where I can find an industry report listing certain recent trends such as economic growth or franchise growth for janitorial services over the past few years? I am looking to present some solid statistical data to a group of investors concerning the industryís recent and anticipated growth.
Anyone have marketing letters for commercial and residential carpet cleaning or some reference books? Spring is here! I appreciate your help.
I am based in India and run a sizable business in my country with 4000 skilled staff. I am looking for businss opportunities in other countries.
I am researching growth, trends and the employment outlook for the carpet cleaning industry. I want to know how fast it's growing or shrinking and what is the forecast for the future? Any resources you can provide would be appreciated.
I just started a commercial cleaning business. The papers are done, but I didnít get any offers yet. I applied to become a subcontractor, but still there is silence. What else should I do? Keep advertising?
I have heard that it may take a customer seven times learning of your service through marketing before they make a decision. Have you heard this? If it is true, would it be smart to run my marketing schemes around this fact? For example, maybe I should send out several postcards over a period of time, then call, and then go see them? Sorry if it sounds elementary; I am new to selling my service.
All of my accounts consist of smaller, free standing offices. How do I go after medium sized office buildings where I can clean all the offices as well as common areas in the building?
How I can find building cleaning accounts?
Our company focuses on distributing innovative cleaning technology to the Jan/San industry. We have developed an integrated microfiber/spray mop system that has technical and competitive advantages over existing floor care systems. We are seeking an experienced and objective marketing consultant who has a broad understanding of distribution channels in all levels of the industry. Can you suggest how we may connect with marketing consultants with experience in launching new products in all channels of the cleaning industry?
I'm looking for some 2005 statistics on Jan/San Industry. specifically the gross market (I've seen the number range from $100-200B annually, but that's too broad a range) and growth rate. I'd prefer it be broken down into some segments like industrial supplies, commercial, residential, instituional or something similar... cleaning, sanitation, equipment, etc. etc. I was not able to find this at GOV web sites... thanks in advance for your help.
I have found several marketing packages for carpet cleaners but little marketing packages for commercial janitorial services i would like to compete more agressively against the MMM's and would like to know how they do it. thanks
I'm looking for some information on a device in public restrooms that can be activated to inform building management that the restroom needs servicing. Basically, it's just a simple switch installed on the restroom wall, and it provides an alert to management. What do you know about this innovation? Can this be an effective security measure for bathroom safety? Do you see this type of technology growing in the industry?
What tips can you offer to help us break into print with our PR?
How do I keep my name in front of customers?