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Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Product Development and Testing

How big is the hard surface floor stripping industry in the USA I need dollar figure estimates on equipment and chemicals.
Iím looking for information on paper towels vs. air drying systems for drying hands. What does the public prefer and any other stats or information. We are considering stopping the use of paper towels completely.
Does any one have any input on trash can lifters? These are lifters that can pick up the trash can and dump it into a dumpster.
I was wondering if you could tell me if microfiber material is the right material to use if you were to upholster a chesterfield. I have a dog and a cat so my friend suggested to me to buy microfiber material to cover my chesterfield because she heard it was the best to use when you have animals.
In our institution much of the sub-flooring is concrete and covered with "glue-down" carpet. We are looking at removing the carpet and using the concrete as the floor covering. I have noticed that many retailers, schools and other facilities are now using stained, polished and stamped concrete for their showroom, and retail floors. In our situation, we will be required to remove carpet, clean the concrete and prepare it for it new use. I would like information on the various procedures used to accomplish this type of project.
We would like to test a new biobased cleaning product from 1st Envirosafety. We need an unbiased third party to oversee the testing. And we need a recommended lab for bacterial swab tests. We would like to video tape and hard copy all the tests. If someone could help us put this together or point us in the right direction we would be thankful. James L. Williams, Facilities Manager Meridian School District, Meridian Idaho
How useful is the "self-cleaning" window technology, such as the Pilkington Activ glass that has an extremely thin coating of microcrystalline titanium oxide which reacts to daylight?
Most of the no-hands restroom cleaning equipment is built with siphon cleaning solution draw to the solution tank. They also include a recovery tank. We are presently using the Tennant 750 system and find that the amount of service required to the equipment while servicing twenty restrooms in our university main Library facility exceeds the amount of time saved on the no-hands pressure washing method. Is there a machine on the market that would hook up directly to a water source, have sufficient PSI washing pressure to do grout cleaning, have a line heater for raising the water temperature for better cleaning and a chemical siphon system to the water pump? I know that some cleaners have employed electrically operated pressure washing systems that are available at Home Depot and Costco that were designed for automotive cleaning or pressure paint stripping.
Is high flow extraction recommended for residential use?