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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Strategic Planning

We are looking to increase our revenue by $300k to $500k this year by purchasing another company. Any thoughts or suggestions on making this transistion? Would you run as a separate company or build it into our existing company? I would be very interested in hearing other experiences with acquiring a new company.
Is there a standard used to determine how many trash receptacles are needed per sq. ft. of building space such as hallways, large lecture halls, classrooms, common areas, etc.?
Can you please give me a good cleaning company organizational chart, showing the working relationships of all the departments and personnel in the cleaning company?
How can I write a business plan based on my customers wants and needs?
I am looking into purchasing an existing service. Is there an industry standard of multipliers, such as IE sales to earning or price to net owner’s cash flow, to aid us in trying to reach an offer price for the business? Any general comments on buying an existing service?
Has anyone heard of Custodial services staffing using handheld PDA's to account for their daily task completion.
We manage government facilities totaling 2,758,952. 80% of the cleaning is currently performed during day shift with zone cleaning. We are considering going to evening team cleaning scenario cleaning. Does a staff realistically clean the occupied sq. ft spaces daily or is there another approach?
I don't know if you can help me with this one. I would like to know if there is a basic formula for obtaining a sell price on my company. I have been in business for 23 years; do contract cleaning where most accounts have been in force for over 10 years; do carpet cleaning & sell paper & cleaning supplies. Doing about 700,000.00 gross per year. 70% contract cleaning,10% carpets, 20% sales. Profit is about 110,000.00 yearly which I take for salary. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
I am a project manager on a new state facility that is starting construction soon. The government agency involved is evaluating business plans for various services to see if they should hire staff versus outsourcing. They have asked me to see what information I can find on this subject related to housekeeping services. I would appreciate any information you can provide related to developing a business case for hiring or out-sourcing housekeeping. Thank you.