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Friday, November 27, 2015

Cleaning for Health & Safety

How much is the going charge to clean 1500 sq ft.? All large fixtures, bathrooms, mopping, vacuuming, 7 days a week.
What is the average area that a fulltime cleaner should be able to clean in a school? One shift is eight hours.
What is the prescribed best practice in cleaning and drying auto scrubber pads including floor stripping pads? The information we have varies as to soaking in solution, rinsing off only, or doing both.
Recently, I instructed 24 students who were required to perform top scrubbing/stripping & waxing for certification with the options of using "floor models" built on plywood w/cement boards for stability...I opted against it - my overall concern was the subsequent rotting of the underfloor which could possibly cause a cave-in and therefore injury. Given that this was a rotating class that conclude with approximately 40 plus students with a time frame of 10-11 months, what is the probability of such an incident happening?
How do I get training in crime scene cleanup and what rates are charged? If I need to be licensed by my state, how do I find that out? I live in Northwest Arkansas.
What is the best finish and stripper for hospital floors?
Is there a sure way to find out if a floor and surface disinfectant cleaner is doing the job that it should do?
I have recently read that a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar sprayed separately onto surfaces provides a high degree of sanitation. Is there any truth to this?
I want the zones for health and safety cleaning, their colors, and examples for each. Also, can I get pictures of zone cleaning?
Can you provide places, dates, sponsors, that will have floor equipment repair training?
How can I make ANY profit when business owners charge so little for accounts? To compete, the cost BARELY covers overhead and a livable wage to the worker; let alone myself! Is there a sq. ft. amount to look at?
What can I do about cigarette smoke residue on walls and carpeting?
What is actually cleaner, carpet or tile? We think the tile is, and I am asking because the District wants to put carpet on the new tile just put in the summer of 2009. The carpet is going down this April, 2010.
What is the best green certified disinfectant on the market?
How prevalent is the use of ATP (Meters) Hygiene Monitoring Systems currently within the cleaning industry? What are the downsides and is it a cost effective measurement tool for cleanliness?
I live in a ranch style house that was built in the 60s on a concrete slab. I've lived here for almost seven years and while every year I vacuum the duct work in my house as much as possible, I've never had it professionally done because one local company told me it was impossible to do. Is this true? Our furnace is located in the center of the house with one cold air return right next to it. I have allergies that are exacerbated by our furnace and I am concerned about the air quality for my family. I'm looking for help on whether there is a solution out there for my house and what to look for from a furnace cleaning company.
My question is on dry vapor steam cleaning. I am co-owner of a Green Cleaning company in North Texas and would like to know how to price this type of service. Since we will only be using dry vapor steam, should this service be priced more, less or the same as traditional carpet cleaning? How do I go about formulating a price?
Are there any restrictions against a hospital taking its soiled linen to a local laundry mat (used by the public) and laundering the linen there?
What is the best way to clean toilet seats?
Does anyone know of a disinfectant that has a "kills claim for porous surfaces." I currently use Johnsonís Virex-256 and Caltechís Dispatch, neither of which has this claim.
How do you remove the black stains on anti-slip spots that are on the bottom of tubs?
I have been charged with researching action steps our department needs if there is a pandemic health event on campus. I would appreciate your assistance.
A fire sprinkler head accidentally discharged onto walls, floors, and furniture. What should be used to wipe down the furniture, walls, and clean the floors?
What are all of the negative aspects of using bleach while cleaning?
Is there such thing as a CRN# that you receive for completing a job and hazmat certification course? Can you just take the test, and how much would it cost?
What is a disinfectant and what are the qualities of a good one?
I am in a dispute over waxing a concrete floor in an institutional setting where there is always a water issue, either standing, or drains backing with laundry detergent in them. I think it would create a slips trips and fall hazard and become economically ill advised any suggestions on where to find information to back up my issue.
What would be effective safe product for cleaning a medical facility?
Patients in our facility sometimes use our wet floor cones as weapons. Is there wet floor signage made from foam or other similar material? If so, where could I find them?
I would like to know who washes their hands more on college campuses, males or females. I am writing a 20 page paper for my psychology class. I am wondering if you can help me with it.
The place where I work has determined that we should only mop restrooms basically on an as-needed basis. We are trying to prove them wrong. What is the correct frequency for mopping restroom floors? Is it daily, the same as cleaning toilets and sinks? Is once every 24 hours enough?
I have several cleaning question for the experts at ICAN: 1. How are sanitation methods related to proper cleaning? 2. How do I obtain a Virginia trade and industrial vocational teaching license? 3. How does Ph work in proper carpet cleaning?
In our new high school, we have rough tile on the bathroom floors. We use the Kaivacģ system for cleaning on a daily basis, but we are having trouble picking up all the water off the floor and are going through quite a few squeegees and wheels on the head of the wand. Any ideas to make sure that the bathrooms are not so wet after cleaning them?
How do you properly mix all types of chemicals, floor stripper, carpet shampoo, and disinfectants?
What type of neutralizer do you use in water to clean up salt and debris
How do I clean and properly disinfect tanning beds and salon surfaces and equipment?
What can be the factors causing a VCT floor to be slick when it was burnished?
We are looking for information and pricing for Training Videos for our Facilities Staff here at the College. Specifically: Cleaning Procedures, Safety, Forklift Training Scissor Lift Training, Thank You
Does steam vapor cleaning adequately kill staph? Could equipment be disinfected by just using vapor cleaners or must chemicals be used to properly disinfect?
Do you have a recommended policy for body fluid cleaning? We have to respond to vomit clean-up, especially among the smaller children at the elementary grade level.
What would you recommend to get rid of odor in men's urinals? We scrub each urinal two time a day with Butcher's Morning Mist # 33, but odors still present.
I'm looking for a remedy to remove odor after a 20 gallon heating oil fuel spill.
What is the most effective way to clean and disinfect most hard surfaces? Damp wipe with disinfectant cleaner and cloth or spray disinfectant cleaner on the surface and then wipe?
Based on your answer to the 'Why do disinfectant products require cleaning before applying the disinfectant?' question; my question is this: do the newer 'disinfectant cleaners' still require this pre-cleaning to kill all of the stuff that they say they'll kill?
Has anyone issued guidelines re Community Acquired MRSA precautions in a dormitory setting. I know about the guidelines for athletic facilities.
We need a product that our staff can use to wipe down exercise machines, benches, etc. in our YMCA's in Los Angeles. It needs to be able to kill 99.9999% of germs with a ten minute or less disinfectant time. It will not be used by members, but must be safe for staff to use. Any suggestions with product info?
I have asked this question before with no response. Why is dry carpet cleaning never discussed. I have never heard of ony mold problem associated with it and in all my testing it works as well or better than extraction with no drying time and other negatives that go along with water injection. Why isn't this method promoted?
Why is dry carpet cleaning not discussed more? It seems to have all the positives no water, no mold, fast and efficient cleaning etc, so why is it not brought to the forefront in this forum?
Do you have any data that shows how a cleaner school increases attendence? We are working with a school that is not sure how the increased cost will be beneficial.
Iím seeking safety procedures for cleaning a 24-by-36 attic in a commercial building that has attracted about 40 pigeons. The local animal control agency will remove live pigeons, but the customer also wants the bird dung cleaned up as well as bulk waste removed. Are there any doís and doníts that you would recommend?
How is ICAN involved with the Environmental Education Foundation (EEF) and its contract with the EPA to revise EPA's IAQ guidelines?
I found a prospective customer who asked me if I could clean an operating room. He said I needed a hazardous material removal license to do this. Is he correct?
I have been researching the issue of how to improve the quality of cleaning management in the public areas of China after the SARS emergency. As we all know, poor cleaning is hazardous to people's health, especially in crowded public areas like schools, hospitals and so on. Please provide suggestions and reference Web sites where I can get related information.
I am seeking information on staffing guidelines for healthcare facilities.
Do you think ergonomic cleaning tools are worth the investment? Are ergonomic tools an up-and-coming trend that cleaning pros should learn about and consider buying? Or is "ergonomic" just a catch-phrase whose 15 minutes of fame will fade soon?
Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency announced new money available for the Brownfield Job Training Grant program. How effective do you feel this is in regards to abandoned buildings in need of mold and asbestos remediation? Can you list the pros/cons of this type of training platform?
I am currently working on an IAQ program to address air quality within the hospital. I am very familar with green cleaning as it relates to the use of chemicals. I haven't been able to find a standard for vent cleaning (inside) . I have searched the IAQ site but nothing is mentioned in regard to frequencies.
Donald Hammons CEH
Housekeeping Services Manager
Womens and Children's Hospital
Pager # 330-2007
Office 304-388-2575
What mixture of cleaning solutions works best on counter top areas as well as on glass/mirror surfaces? Is there an advantage using ammonia or alcohol in these cleaners?
Are particle counters useful in determining the filtration efficiency of vacuum cleaners as it relates to indoor air quality?