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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Team Cleaning

We have been implementing the Team Cleaning System this school year. We seem to do well most weeks but have veteran custodians who always revert back to a zone cleaning, the night supervisor is on sight to redirect this habit as it develops. What daily strategy would you recommend to keep focus on Team Cleaning?
We team clean at my school and rotate tasks every 3 weeks. I have a problem with one team member who consistently falls short on his end of the tasks and this adds a serious burden to the team member who follows him. How can I even up the score? Iíve talked to him and shown him, but nothing seems to get him to do the tasks well. His response is that Iím picking on him.
How I can to polish bronze lamps and maintain the splendor? Also, which product do you recommend?
We are in the planning stage of implementing the Team Cleaning process to replace Zone Cleaning. We are an in-house service provider and service 3 million plus gross square footage divided among 34 office buildings, all within a five mile radius. Does anyone have any lessons learned or suggestions they can offer?
Any Team Cleaning classes scheduled for the Pacific Northwest this year?
What is the difference between zone cleaning and team cleaning? Is there a difference between zone cleaning and gang cleaning?
Are there local colleges in the Los Angeles area that are successfully doing TEAM cleaning?
We have about a dozen smaller accounts (around 5,000 square feet) spread out over a 25-mile radius, and would like to know which method of cleaning will work best: team, zone, or other? Would it make more sense to assign one individual to one or more buildings, or to have a team of 2 to 4 go from one to another? My main concerns with having with only one person per building are safety and absenteeism. My main concern for a team is paying everyone for drive time.
What are the benefits of Team Cleaning and where can I learn more about this concept of cleaning?