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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Training Resources

I have been asked to submit a contract proposal to provide training for industry based commercial cleaning/small business management for approximately 20 persons. I have 4 yrs experience as a licensed instructor. What would be the best route to approach this issue? Based on what I currently know and have researched, the business aspect could be based on local colleges fees (I studied management in college); as for the commercial cleaning aspect, would I price per hour/student or use another method?
I recently had a vinyl plank floating floor installed and when I moved a couch over it, there are marks. I had protectors (felt bottom) on the couch legs. What, if anything, will take out the marks??
If someone is new to the business and using your Custodial Technician basic training course, how many hours are recommended in learning each module?
Is there an estimate of how many pounds of soil/dirt are tracked into a commercial (hospital) in a week, month or year?
Im looking to start a construction clean up company and want to inquire about training. Currently I have a mentor whos teaching me a lot. He subs a lot of his work, but Id like to get the formal training so that I dont have to do that. Some of the areas of expertise in which I was hoping to acquire skills are: carpets, floors, stone, metal, etc. I currently reside in Maryland, but will be relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in about six months.
I am starting up a cleaning company and would like information on staffing, cleaning supplies, how to clean each room, customer service, etc. Any information is appreciated.
Are there any schools, certification programs, correspondence courses, company training programs, or other training avenues or resources available in becoming a janitor equipment mechanic or janitor equipment service technician? Any information that you could provide would be appreciated.
Is there an independent evaluation of competing training programs (those with videos...)? If not, is there a comprehensive listing that I can choose/research from?
Are Job Safety/Hazard Analysis materials available for cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, trash pick up?
Where can I find good comprehensive training courses, primarily in the Western US?
Is there a school or class in Denver CO where I can learn about marble, granite and natural stone restoration and maintenance?
Are there any schools in the new england area to attend for some one interested in learning and certification for hood and range cleaning of resturants? Also, What equipment is needed to do this kind of work?
I am looking for information on seminars, videos, or other training material on how to clean upholstered furniture.
How do we get our staff to use the new spray-and-vac system we purchased (so far it has been sitting in the closet)?
What do you think about translating complete cleaning training materials to the Spanish language, and developing a special project to train Latin workers in the USA & Latin America, with the recognition of cleaning industry organizations like Cleaning Managment Institute, ISSA, NFSI, BSCAI, etc?
Is there a college, university or school that I can attend in order to get a degree in cleaning?
What is the best method for conducting training seminars?