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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Colleges, Schools & Universities

I know the procedures for stripping/finishing floors, but everyone has his own idea of sealant/finishing procedures. In a school setting, once the floor has been stripped, what are the PROPER procedures for finishing the floor surface?
I currently have a Floor Team. I am considering changing their hours of operations from 4:00am - 12:30pm to 9:30pm - 6:00am. What elements would you suggest I need in my proposal to make a convincing argument? For instance , production will increase, because non-interruptions, etc.
I am interested in finding out from those who might be familiar with a Multiwash 14 Micro-automatic scrubber if they require frequent filling. They claim to do 5,500 sq.ft per hour or 91.6 sq ft per minute...but is that w/ 1 tank of water? Or, will the operator need to make numerous trips back to the water source for refilling? I would appreciate any info on one of these kinds of scrubbers that can be used on any type of flooring. Is it truly an "all in one" machine? I am wondering if it's too good to be true!
What is the national average for cleaning per square foot in schools?
What is the national average in a school per square ft. for a custodian?
What is the normal or regular number of employees that should be under the supervision of a supervisor?
Is there a public school custodial training program that is used pervasively throughout the US and is approved and accepted as a complete and comprehensive training program by the unions that custodians are members of? PSE is the union in this area. Eastmont School District 206 wishes to comply with Union's demand for custodial training.
Brick floors with gum marks and stains -how are they cleaned and restored?
First, I want to thank you guys very much for all you do. I asked you before how to remove adhesive from carpet, and the answer helped me more than I can describe. It was a 15 hour job removing all the adhesive left on the carpet, but your help made the job much easier. Here is my question: I have to strip and refinish a few classrooms, approximately 600 sq. ft. each. They have about 30 computers in each classroom. All the computer CPUs are placed on the floor with a lot of cables coming off them. How do I deal with that? I dont think I can put all the CPUs on top of the tables without causing any problems to the computers. How would you strip the floor without getting any CPU dirty?
In the recent on-line seminar, it was mentioned that thickness testing devices are available for testing the thickness of floor finish on VCT floors. I need more information on the testing device. I have done a limited Internet search and do not find a testing device for this use. Can you help?
Please provide benchmark data on chemical and supply costs (general cleaning & floor/carpet care) for approximately 1,000,000 CSF of a university campus comprising academic, residential, administrative, and auxiliary buildings. Seeking cost/CSF.
Since there is a heightened awareness of H1N1 flu this fall, what is the recommendation for custodians for safety protection? Are N-95 masks required?
The actual custodian FTEs formula that we are using is 18,000 sq. ft. per FTE. We are using the gross square footage of the building in the formula, but now I need to check the cleanable square footage to make some adjustments in our work force. Do you have an idea how much percentage I can subtract of the gross square footage of the building and take a total as CSF of the building?
What is the cost for a surety bond and general liability insurance? Where do I go to get it? Is $500,000 a lot for a surety bond for janitorial services? General liability is $1 million. Is that reasonable, and if the building already has insurance and I use their equipment what is this for?
I am looking for a reputable company where I can purchase a machine that cleans mattresses.
Im trying to start my own cleaning business and I was wondering if you could help me find a place close to home where I can attend seminars, classes, etc. I need help on how to bid jobs and I would like to learn some cleaning techniques.
I am looking for benchmarking information and metrics for the cleaning of college and university housing.(Apartments and residence halls)
The architectural firm I work with specializes in educational facilities. When we return to the school several years after it has been completed, we find chemical dilution systems provided by vendors mounted in custodial closets. The majority of the floors have vinyl tile. Is this something we need to provide? Also, eye / face wash or emergency showers?
What is a good standard amount of sq. ft. one person can clean per hour? What is the standard time to clean a normal sized restroom? We have assigned 36,000 sq. ft. to each cleaning person here at the university. I have been asked by the university to track the amount of time each worker spends cleaning his or her area. Where should I start?
Do you have any information on the Advance Adhancer auto scrubber/polisher? It is supposed to scrub and polish at the same time.
We have not really found a good product to clean the stainless steel kick plates in our facility. We have tried Sheila Shine, etc. Do you have any suggestions as to product and method, especially in the kitchen areas where animal fats, etc. are present?
Which waterless urinals have the best reputation? Sloan or Falcon would be the two choices that are being offered
After 16 plus years managing housekeeping in a hospital I am beginning a new job this week managing the housekeeping department in a college. What are the most significant challenges or issues I might encounter in this transition?
Is hot water extraction part of interim cleaning?
I would like to know if you have any information about the new rider floor machine made by Advance (Adhancer) that does multiple functions in one pass (sweeping, scrubbing, and polishing). Can it actually perform those three tasks in one pass?
What is the most energy efficient replacement for fluorescent light fixtures? What is the average cost for the new fixtures?
A question on salary schedules for K-12. What percentage go with a fixed hourly rate for custodians, supervisors, etc., and what percentage go with a salary schedule based on years of service or experience?
1) How much is school construction clean-up by sq. ft. in central Florida and what is the rate per sq. ft. per hour? 2) How would you bid a construction clean-up on a school of 97,000 sq. ft. with 13 restrooms and 600 windows on two floors? It has tile and carpets and the sidewalk needs pressure washing.
Should employees or contractors be allowed to listen to music while working? Some of the music has been offensive and the employees were warned that they are prohibited from listening to music with profanity. Some employees say they are more productive when listening to music, others say it violates their privacy.
What is the starting salary for custodians in a school district? We are located in the South Texas Area.
What are the pro and cons of automatic flush valves on urinals and commodes in a grade school setting?
A student spilled some ink on a resilient floor. I need a procedure and the appropriate chemical to use to remove the spot.
Is anyone using waterless urinals, and are they experiencing problems with odors from the urinals? If so, what are they using to combat the odors? William Hudgins University of Lethbridge
Is there a standard formula somewhere that one can use to determine generally how much square footage a custodian can clean per shift of 8 hours?
I am curious regarding the turnover rate in custodial services in the public school systems. We here at Leander ISD have a total of 125 FTE's in our department. In 2004, we trained 60 new custodians coming to work for the district. Twelve were for new positions when we opened 13 new schools. Our pay scale and benefits packages are close to nearby districts. Do we have a high turnover rate? How do we compare with other SDs? Is there any data supporting a national average turnover rate for our industry.
What is the national average for sq.ft. cleaned in public schools by custodians?
Do you have a list of janitorial service companies and facilities management companies that service schools and universities?